Informatica custom transformation – GTL Checker

Informatica custom transformation GTL Checker converts data types. On its input can be any number of ports and in the output group the corresponding number of output ports. The output data type determines the conversion is to be performed for incoming records. Data conversions are precisely define by external file – check plan. Check plan specifies for example data format, decimal separator in numbers with decimal point on the input and output, restriction on the not null value, definition of primary key etc.

Informatica custom transformation – conversion types

  • Basic type – conversion of data type.
  • Characters set conversion according to defined table (only data type “string”).
  • Replacement or rather elimination of unwanted characters according to defined table (only data type “string”).
  • Trimming – elimination of white characters (only data type “string”).
  • Conversion of numbers to less exact numbers in mode round rounding or trimming or rather chains trimming.

Further functions

  • Identification and eventual elimination of records with null value of input port.
  • Elimination of duplicated records based on defined primary key.

The errors output is generated for records, where conversion does not correspond with the rules. If it is possible to resolve an error in predefined way, for example by reducing accuracy of the number or by passing null values, the processing of the record continues and at the same time a type error warning is generated. Otherwise the record it not processed and only error type record is generated.

Example of using components in transformation