Informatica custom transformation – GTL Conditions

The GTL Condition Informatica transformation is used for the evaluation of complex conditional expressions specified in an external file.

Main benefits of Informatica transformation

  • Simple definition of complex evaluation conditions.
  • Administration of conditions in an external file enabling editing without interfering with the actual transformation.
  • Implemented numerical arithmetic, operations for strings, date values and boolean values.
  • The component’s language is easily extendable to include more user-defined functions.
  • Up to 15% faster processing.

The logic of the expression evaluation is similar to the case expression of the SQL language with a slightly extended logic. Compared to the normal behaviour, one of three strategies for the generation of the resulting value can be defined:

  • Use only the first completed branch.
  • Use all completed branches.
  • Use only the first completed branch and generate error in case of multiple completed branches.

Example of using the omponent in transformation