Job schedulers – GTL Launcher

Job scheduler GTL Launcher allows automation of launching tasks (databases procedure and ssis packages procedures) in environment of Microsoft SQL server 2005 and higher. Its typical use is in cases of regular (daily, monthly…) launching all the time the same tasks, eg. downloading of extracts into database, export data from one database to the other or other etl. Its performance unit consists of a series of management database tables and t-sql saved procedures. The launch of task is provided by sql server agent. Job scheduler user interface (user console) has character of web application, is created in c# 2.0. Authorized user can create and edit tasks and directly administer their processing (monitor the course of processing, restart and launch tasks immediately etc.).

Job scheduler – grouping tasks into groups – jobs, steps

  • Job – group of logically related tasks.
  • Step – task – one job step.
  • Job contains several steps, sequence of steps in job is fixed.
  • Dependencies between jobs – order of processing not only in the job, but also among them.

Job configuration screenshot

Parallelism and prioritization

  • Launch more tasks at the same time
  • Possibility to define, which tasks can and which cannot run in parallel.
  • Possibility to influence the order of processing tasks with priority.

Advanced planning of the jobs and steps

  • Comparable opportunities with schedules v sql agent server, launch of tasks daily,weekly, monthly, just in working days, etc.
  • Possibility to combine more of execution plans.

Jobs planning screenshot

Fault resistance

  • Separation launching tasks from launcher administration – fall of task does not mean fall of launcher.
  • Each of the task runs as independent process (sql server agent job).

E-mail notification

  • Sending messages generated while processing – successful end of job, task errors, etc.

Intelligent handling of errors

  • Mechanism of recovery – automatic reaction to the outcome of the jobs run (email sending, task restart, launch of corrective task).
  • Critical and not critical errors: critical tasks – when an error occurs in the task to suspend further processing non critical tasks – the processing will not be stopper by the failure of the task.
  • Errors logging in launcher running also in task running, browsing the error log directly from the application.

Editing environment

  • Launcher complete administration from user interface, minimum direct intervention into database(special maintenance).
  • Possibility to create jobs, steps, tasks, executive plans.
  • Monitoring of processing, possibility to actively intervene in the run of processing (suspend, restart, task canceling).

Jobs processing screenshot


  • Color tuning application.
  • Types of launching tasks.